Alexandros Kostopoulos

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Research Interests

  • Network Economics and Pricing
  • Adoption of new Internet Architectures
  • Game Theory
  • Cloud Computing



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Journals and Book Chapters

  • M. Katsarakis, G. Fortetsanakis, P. Charonyktakis, A. Kostopoulos, M. Papadopouli. “On User-centric Tools for QoE-based Recommendation and Real-time Analysis of Large-scale Markets ” IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 52, no. 9, September 2014 [pdf].
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Postgraduate course

Undergraduate course

  • Business Solutions with Software Applications, Department of Accounting and Finance, AUEB.

Teaching assistant:

Undergraduate course

  • Introduction to Computer Science, AUEB, Prof. C. Courcoubetis
  • Digital Systems Design, AUEB, Prof. A. Veneris
  • Computer Applications I, University of Piraeus, Prof. M. Sfakianakis
  • Computer Applications II, University of Piraeus, Prof. M. Sfakianakis
  • Introduction to Economic Science, AUEB, Prof. S. Dimeli
  • Automata and Complexity, AUEB, Ass. Prof. E. Papadopoulou

Postgraduate course

  • Network Economics, AUEB, Prof. C. Courcoubetis
  • Microeconomics for Managers, University of Athens, Lect. E. Athanasiou