Eleni Agiatzidou

Contact Info

Network Economics and Systems Theory Lab
76 Patission Str., GR-10343, Athens
Antoniadou wing, 4th floor
Department of Informatics
Athens University of Economics and Business
Tel.: +30 210-8203154
E-mail: agiatzidou@aueb.gr
Skype: agiatzidou.eleni

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Research Interests

  • Regulation issues in Telecommunications - Universal Service
  • Network Economics and Pricing
  • End-to-end QoS
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Socio-Economics
  • Future Internet
  • Spectrum Management
  • Business Models for Grid and Cloud computing

Research Labs

Projects involved

Professional experience

  • AUEB, Lab Administrator: Administrator in Computer and Communication Systems Lab, 09/2008 - 07/2013
  • AUEB, Lab Administrator: Administrator in Network Economics and Services Lab, 09/2008 - 05/2010
  • AWAPAI, Web Designer: Internship in AWAPAI.
    Title:"Modern Software Systems for Content and Business Communication Services Management through Internet"

Academic experience

Teaching assistant
  • Graduate courses
    • Computer Networks, MSc program in Information Systems, AUEB
      Instructor: Prof. Theodor Apostolopoulos, winter semester of years 2009-2013.
    • Technological and Regulatory Issues in Telecommunications, MSc program in Computer Science, AUEB
      Instructors: Prof. George D. Stamoulis, Costas Courcoubetis, Em. Gakoumakis, spring semesters of years 2009-2012
      and winter semester of 2013.
  • Undergraduate courses
    • Computer Networks, Department of Informatics, AUEB
      Instructor: Prof. Theodor Apostolopoulos, winter semester of years 2011-2012.
    • Programming with C++, Department of Informatics, AUEB
      Instructors: Prof. Ion Androutsopoulos, Lect. Antonis Dimakis, winter semesters of years 2008-2012.
  • Teaching in Public Vocational Training (IEK Sivitanidios)
    • Introduction in Computer Science, spring semester 2009
    • Internet Technologies, winter semester 2008

Reviewer in Conferences

  • INFOCOM 2014
  • CyberC 2012
  • ICC'12 WN
  • IEEE ISCC 2011
  • ICC'11 CQRM


  • Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference (CRESSE), Summer 2013,
    Modules: Quantitative Analysis for Competition Policy, Economics of Sectoral (Network Industry) Regulation,
    Recent Developments in EU Competition Law, Competition and Regulation in Two-Sided Markets.
  • Cognitive Radio Networks,
    Prof. Ian Akyildiz, October 2008, Milan, Italy


Journals and Book Chapters

  • G. Thanos, E. Agiatzidou, C. Courcoubetis, G. D. Stamoulis. "Grid Business Models", Book Chapter 5, Grid and Cloud Computing: A Business Perspective on Technology and Applications, ISBN: 978-3-642-05192-0, Springer, November 2009. [pdf]


  • Eleni Agiatzidou, C. Courcoubetis, O. Dugeon, F. Johansen, G. D. Stamoulis. "Inter-domain Coordination Models".ETICS Workshop - Networking 2012, Prague. [pdf]
  • A. Cimmino, L. Damis, R. Douville, Z. Ben Houidi, N. Le Sauze, O. Dugeon, E. Agiatzidou, Finn-Tore Johansen. "Network architectures for end-to-end business and traffic collaborations among carriers". FUNEMS (poster), Berlin July 2012 . [pdf]
  • E. Agiatzidou, G. D. Stamoulis. "Collaboration between ISPs for Efficient Overlay Traffic Management". Networking 2011, Valencia, Spain, 9-13 May 2011. [pdf]
  • G. Thanos, E. Agiatzidou, J. C. Cuesta, A. Readhead, D. M. Parrilli, K. L. Rabetino. "Grid Economics and Business: Meeting the Challenges". IEEE proceedings, Fourth International Workshop on P2P, Parallel, Grid and Internet Computing (3PGIC-2010), Cracow, February 2010. [pdf]
  • E. Agiatzidou, G. D. Stamoulis. "Collaboration between Peering ISPs for Economic Management of Overlay Traffic" (extended abstract). 4th GIITG KuVS Workshop on The Future Internet and 2nd Workshop on Economic Traffic Management (ETM), Zurich, Switzerland, November 9-10, 2009. [pdf]
  • G. Thanos, E. Agiatzidou, K. L. Rabetino, I. Rosenberg, K. Stanoevska-Slabeva, J. C. Cuesta, A. Readhead, R. Dohmen. "The Impact of Security and Identity Management Issues in Grid: The Business Perspective". Proceeding of eChallenges 2009, Istanbul October 2009 [pdf]