Efficient adaptation to dynamic pricing communicated by ECN marks: Scenarios for experimental assessment

P. Antoniadis+, C. Courcoubetis*,+, G. Margetis*,o, V. A. Siris*, and G. D. Stamoulis*,o

* Institute of Computer Science (ICS), FORTH
+ Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business
o Department of Computer Science, University of Crete

In Proc. of SPIE International Symposium on Information Technologies 2000 (Program on Internet Performance and Control), Boston, USA, November 2000. [.pdf]


We present our research activities and initial results, regarding both simulation and actual test-bed implementation, that aim to demonstrate the feasibility and to evaluate the advantages and performance of a market-based management scheme based on a simple feedback mechanism that informs users of the congestion their traffic is experiencing. The feedback is based on Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) marking. The aforementioned objectives are investigated using two service provisioning scenarios. The first scenario involves an application provider that offers discrete Quality of Service (QoS) classes at different prices, whereas the second scenario offers a wider range of QoS, price pairs. The experiments we report refer to the implementation of a modified version of the TCP algorithm, which provides service differentiation based on a sender's willing-to-pay, and of a packet marking scheme that provides early warnings of incipient congestion.

Keywords: congestion pricing, flow control, TCP, explicit congestion notification, packet marking

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