A web-based tool for advanced statistical analysis of network traffic measurements

C. Courcoubetis and V. A. Siris
Institute of Computer Science (ICS), FORTH

In Proc. of 8th IFIP Workshop on Performance Modelling and Analysis of ATM & IP Networks, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK, July 2000
[preprint (ps.gz)]


We present a web-based tool for advanced statistical analysis of network traffic measurements. The tool consists of an interface and software modules implementing advanced statistical analysis procedures. The interface provides a flexible environment through which a user, using a Java enabled web browser, can create, modify, save, and execute experiments. The experiments are executed by software modules implementing analysis procedures based on a theory of statistical multiplexing a large number of bursty traffic streams while guaranteeing some Quality of Service (QoS); the input to the software modules are traces that contain measurements of actual network traffic. Questions that can be investigated using the tool include the maximum link utilization when some QoS is guaranteed, how this utilization is affected by the link buffer and traffic shaping, the acceptance region when some QoS is guaranteed, and the token bucket parameters for a traffic stream.

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