Measurement and analysis of real network traffic

C. Courcoubetis and V. A. Siris
Institute of Computer Science (ICS), FORTH

In 7th Hellenic Conference on Informatics (HCI'99), Ioannina, Greece, August 1999.
Available as ICS-FORTH TR-252 [pdf, .ps.gz]
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We present a platform for collecting and analyzing measurements of real network traffic. The measurements are collected by a high performance PC-based monitor, which can collect detailed traffic statistics on a high speed (155 Mbps) link, without disrupting the operation or affecting the performance of the network. The analysis is performed by a set of tools that use results from a recent theory of statistical multiplexing, and have the objective of answering important questions related to the management and dimensioning of networks carrying bursty traffic and guaranteeing some level of performance. Finally, we present case studies demonstrating the application of our analysis tools.

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